Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I travelled around in the US in the fall of 1979. I was 25 years old and completely lost. My girlfriend back home had just left me and I was extremely unhappy. We had been together for maybe six or seven years or so and I had no idea of how I would manage on my own. I didn’t know how to sleep alone and I didn’t even know how to cook.

In San Francisco I met some nice people and we rented a car to go to LA. It was Francoise from Canada, two English guys, an Austrian guy (I can’t remember their names) and it was Monika Hauri from Switzerland. Somehow Monika and I found each other, so when the group broke up in LA, Monika and I continued our journey together. I have vague memories that we stayed in Santa Monica for some time but eventually we took a night flight to Mexico City. We drank lots of Tequila in the restaurants at the Plaza Garibaldi. Hundreds of Mariachi bands were playing simultaneously. It was a fantastic cacophony. I remember also that we always had to run to cross the streets to escape all the mad taxi drivers.

Anyway, after some time I explained to her that I was going to Isla Mujeres, alone. I needed to think things over. A week or so later, she found me there, but I didn't want to continue our relationship. I was looking for adventure and adventurers don't travel hand in hand with women. So I told her to fuck off and went to Guatemala.

After a few months I was back in Stockholm, more miserable than ever. I didn’t know what I would do with my life. I didn’t fit anywhere. My friends had little home parties and I was bored to pieces with all the coziness and their boring small talk. “Could you pass me the sauce, please? It’s wonderful, isn’t it?" That kind of stuff.

In late September 1981 I had had enough and bought a one-way ticket to Greece. I had no plans at all for my trip and I figured that Greece could be a good place to start out. The first thing that happened to me was that I caught a terrible flu. I was completely knocked out for a week or so, and after another week of recuperation I realized that Crete was not for me. Crete was for couples. They were sitting there in the taverns, in silence, sipping their cocktails with small paper umbrellas as decoration. I was desperate. Where would I go and why? Wouldn’t it be the same thing wherever I went?

I checked out from my hotel room and went down to the harbor without any idea of where I should go. The next boat was to Santorini so I took it, glad to leave Crete behind. It was a horrible trip. The sea was very rough and people puked all over the place.

We came to Santorini late at night, maybe 11:30 pm, or so. There were many people in the harbor and a lot of restless hustle and bustle. I put my backpack down and smoked a cigarette while I was trying to figure out how to find a place to stay at this late hour, when a young boy came up to me.
"Hotel room mister? Do you want a hotel room?"
When I said yes, he asked me to wait a moment, and then he disappeared in the crowd. When he came back he had a young American with him.

Then we took a bus up to his parents hotel. I fell in love immediately. She was so pretty and seemed so smart. I liked the way she talked. I liked everything with her. At the hotel they made us a dinner. Suddenly I was sitting there in the warm Mediterranean October night, with all its stars and a beautiful young woman with brown eyes across the table, and a bottle of wine to the moussaka. I thought I was dreaming.

We had some wonderful days and nights there and I was madly in love. One day I asked her about what she did before coming to Santorini and she told me that she had stayed in Lucerne in Switzerland for some time and worked in a hotel there as a waitress. Then I told her that I knew someone from Lucerne and that her name was Monika Hauri. I can’t find words to the feelings that came over me when she told me that she knew her. She told me about what had happened to Monika and that she was now happily married to a Canadian guy.

Then the love of my life suddenly left me. Just like that. She ditched me. She had had enough of my neurotic negativity and I was all alone again.

The next day I took a night boat back to Athens and if I had been confused before it was nothing compared to my confusion that night. I spent the whole night on the upper deck looking at the stars and the moon and the dark endless sea. And the sea, the night sky and my consciousness kind of merged into an incredibly strange experience. I was all alone in the universe. I was feeling so alone. And in the same time I was feeling connected. We were all connected in some strange way, through some kind of invisible web.

Well, to make a long story short, I went to India and then I spent a number of years trying to understand what was going on.

One day there in India I bumped into Monika again. She wasn’t very happy to see me but we had a short conversation in a chai shop in Pushkar. I told her that I knew a little about what had happened to her and I remember that I asked her if she didn’t find the whole thing very strange. She couldn’t see anything strange with people bumping into each other. She said: “Of course you meet some people again if you’re traveling along the same routes."

Eventually I came back home, found myself a girlfriend, an apartment and a job, and everything was alright for many years, with pasta dinners, TV nights and everything. This relationship ended also in a catastrophe and I have been living alone since then. And I am quite happy with this. I have finally learned how to live alone.

In July 2005 something interesting happened though. I found a letter among my bills and junk mail when I came back home from work. It said: “Greetings! Do you remember me? If yes send me an e-mail." It was from Doreen. I hadn’t heard a word from her for almost 25 years so I was, what should I say, a bit surprised.

I sent her an e-mail right away, eager to know what had happened to her after she had left me in Santorini. And I had many memory gaps that I needed help with to fill in. I have periodically experienced many strange coincidences, but this what happened to me in Santorini was by far the strangest of them all. Isn’t it weird that I fell in love with someone who knew Monika Hauri, on another continent, almost two years later? What is the probability for such a coincidence? And Doreen dumped me much in the same way as I had dumped Monika. Isn't it weird that I kind of got paid back with the same currency?

Is it a God or an angel that sometimes engages in the course of events and directs our steps, or is it something in our unconscious minds that create the synchronicities? Are synchronicities some kind of lessons? Or is all this with synchronicities just illusions? Billions of events takes place in the world every day. Is it that we only notice the ones that stand out. I had thousands of questions I needed to discuss with her.







Many people have experienced or will experience synchronicities without being aware of it, because such phenomenon's are not on their maps.


Some people believe that you will experience more synchronicities when your meditation practice is deepening, when you begin to find more harmony in life. I don’t think so. I think that synchronicities are more frequent when you have lost footing, like after a divorce or if someone near to you die. Synchronicities can happen when you feel balanced, yes, but they will not be particularly strong. Well-balanced and satisfied people rarely experience any strange phenomenons. In fact, they usually don’t even understand what you are talking about if you happen to bring up this subject.


It is often difficult to tell other people about high-grade synchronistic experiences. If you do, either you or someone else may get in trouble; either you or someone else will appear to be ridiculous or idiotic. Synchronicities are often set up in such a way. We can talk about minor synchronicities, but we can't really talk about the interesting and important ones, at least not in full detail. Many of my “best” synchronicity stories can never be told without causing trouble, so I suppose I have to take them with me in the grave. Also Jung noticed this. Many people experience synchronicities but refuse to talk about them. Synchronistic experiences belong to a secret dimension of life, an esoteric dimension.


You can never prove that you have experienced an interesting synchronicity. It is therefore meaningless to study this phenomenon scientifically. If someone tells you a story about a synchronicity, it may be a true story but it may also be just fiction. Or, there may be some truth in it, but it has been changed here and there in order to make it sound better or become something easier to tell. Many important details are often left out.


The internet and the New Age bookstores are teeming with information about synchronisities and paranormal phenomena. Most of this information is just nonsense. It is obviously very difficult for those who have never experienced a synchronicity to discriminate between sincere peoples stories and bullshit.


You cannot learn how to get more synchronicities into your life. Do not pay for books or workshops who claim to teach how you can get more synchronicities, and how they can promote your career. Stop taking advice from gurus and spiritual teachers. They are all quacks who are selling sham potions, hucksters.


One shall not become too interested in synchronicities, I think. If you look for synchronicities and meaningful encounters everywhere you will become crazy. (Why is she calling now? Is it a secret meaning behind this seemingly normal meeting? Why did I forget my car keys?) Everything is not synchronicities.

However, if I had not got that terrible flu, I would have left Crete much earlier, and in that case I would not have met Doreen. If I had not been so desperate and unhappy, I would most probably not even have gone to Crete. Well, in that case I would probably not be sitting here writing this.

Synchronicities have serious philosophical implications. Unhappiness and desperation can be a part of a plan. Is everything part of a plan? It is impossible to find answers to such questions, I believe, so it is better to drop them. It is like speculating if there are many more universes out there somewhere. We will never get to know about this.

A strong synchronistic experience can change the way a person look at life, but really, there are many things in life that are far more important than looking for synchronicities, like taking care of children for example, or trying to be helpful to other people, and to wake up to what is going on in the world, and, from time to time celebrate and have some fun.


Many years ago I found a clear rectangular gem near the place where I worked. (this was my all-time favorite job because of the people I "worked" with and the nature of the 'business')
I put it in my pocket. I assumed it was a piece of glass or (at best) a cubic zirconia (I was a little familiar with these synthetic "diamonds" due to another job I'd held, going back a few years... before "Europe"(September 1980 to November 1981). This "gem" didn't, really, look as "good" as one of those fakes.

Anyway, the collector that I was saved it among some other "precious" stones and jewelry components in a tiny Chinese silk embroidered box for approximately 22 years. (I recall that Time Stands Still was featured at the Nickelodeon Cinema, 1983, I remember.)

Occasionally, over those years, I looked at the contents of that box. Usually, while looking at it, I wondered what it truly was; but I was never motivated to find out. "Just a piece of glass!" And for several years prior to 2005, I never looked at it or thought about it. It sat, quietly, waiting in my drawer.

So, around 2000, I can look "back" and See that my "waking up" process was, in a sense, "beginning"... in 2004 I was on the "horizon" of it. And in the summer of 2005, I read The Diamond in Your Pocket: Discovering Your True Radiance by Gangaji... I could not put it down, I breezed through it! (Eventually, introduced by this book to Eckhart Tolle who wrote the foreword). Friends that I suggested read the book "literally" could not read it! Much like those who can and those who cannot read Eckhart. (It is not a judgment, it is a reflection of one's readiness for this (a-HA!))

The year 2000 was not my 1st introduction to matters of the "spirit" but all previous endeavors related to a "spiritual search" had been encapsulated in a feeling that that
part of my early "life" had been almost like having a different lifetime within this lifetime! I had moved on to raising a family... little did I know how much they were "raising" me too!

So, in 2005, I had a breakthrough into "Space Consciousness" which was tied-In to re-Connecting with a Friend that I had met in Europe in October 1981. The interesting thing is this: I did not knowwhy I was compelled to look for him because at the time of our 1st encounter I had dropped him like a "hot potato"! I knew him for 8 days and then fled "in fear" of him... for my "life" due to a deep distrust of the "Other" and a "woundedness" from most human relationships; I sensed, perhaps a "neediness" in him that reflected my own, thus my survival mechanism kicked into high gear. It is like the way most humans function on a daily basis: they live with a "false" sense of fear in everyday interactions and the result is an abundance of stress.

Anyway, I cannot go into All the details here of this Awakening process but suffice it to say that what I experienced was misinterpreted by my husband and friends. I know that they could not help having their interpretations, "they know not what they do".

After the initial shock for my husband, he was willing, for a brief period, to try to understand what was happening. He went with me to visit my guide to get further clarification on what I was experiencing but his own pain from this and the deeper pain within him was too much to "handle". I remember, on that day, that he was willing to help me find a way to go to Sweden to meet with Arne. Strangely, on our ride in the car back home from this meeting with my guide, I thought about that piece of glass in my drawer and thought: It must be a diamond!!
Really... I had this thought come to me!

So, when I returned home I rummaged through my drawer and found the piece of cut glass! "Maybe it truly is a diamond! "This will give me the money I need to travel to Stockholm!" I took that "stone" to a jeweler to test it, the next day. They made a test on it...they were 98% sure that it was aDiamond!! But they would have to have their expert diamond appraiser examine it for its worth, etc. I left it there... I was flying 20 feet off the ground! How could this be?!! It had never looked very sparkly or colorful until I saw it at the jeweler's..."under the Light".

Synchronistically, the weaving of the content of Gangaji's book with this "magical, mystery tour" in my life hit me over the head, brought me full force, full circle In To my LIFE! I have (had) many of these co-incidences throughout my life that Serve(d) to wake me up.

You can think any thought about my life as You wish but No thought about it can take this knowing away from Life. You can't make me live less Life. You can't remove Love, All there Is. We don't "need" it, We Are It. It's been in Your pocket, all along, You just couldn't See It.


Open letter to Richard Dawkins

Dear Mr. Dawkins

I have read a number of your books and I love them. It is probably more than 25 years since I first read “The Selfish Gene”. I think of myself as someone having a scientific outlook on life. I am not interested in religion, spirituality or New Age superstition. Evidence is of course much more important than belief.

However, I have experienced some very strange synchronicities in my life that don't fit into my rational world view.

I am convinced that synchronicities are real paranormal phenomenons, but I cannot prove that I am right. Synchronicities cannot be studied with scientific methods because we cannot create them on demand. They are very rare phenomena and cannot be reproduced in laboratories.

Those who have experienced synchronicities or meaningful coincidences know what I am talking about, and those who have never had any such experiences (or never noticed them or rejected them) will think that I am just one of those millions of nutcases who are indulging in paranormal nonsense.

It is possible that I have deceived myself, absolutely. Illusions are common. But what if my synchronicity experiences are not illusions? And what if some of the many other synchronicity stories out there are also true stories? How can we find out? How shall we sift the wheat from the chaff? And how shall we interpret these observations? Shall we simply ignore them? Shall we ignore experiences and evidence that we cannot explain?

It's a pity that there are so many nonsense discussions about these things in so called spiritual circles. It is not possible to discuss synchronicity with New Age people, not with religious people and of course not with scientifically minded people. It is difficult to discuss these things with almost everybody. This is the reason why sincere people who have experienced synchronicities often avoid to talk about them.